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亚博快3开奖结果-那个热搜上被“家暴”的女主角 我就知道这么多

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More than 300 years ago, Qing Dynasty poet Nalan Xingde wrote the famous sentence "Wait for idle change, but the heart of the old man is easy to change."

300多年前,清代诗人纳兰·兴德(Nalan Xingde)写了一句著名的话:“等待改变,但老人的内心很容易改变”。

What he didn't know was that more than 300 years later, a well-known couple who combined style and style also fell into this stereotype.


On October 15th, Zhang Mohan, the wife and host of Zhang Peimeng, the famous Chinese athlete in the top 100 meters and the national record holder, accused her husband of domestic violence on Weibo.



Zhang Mohan released evidence of Zhang Peimeng's domestic violence on Weibo


The incident quickly ranked first in the hot search on Weibo.


Last time, the two of them were a hot search together, and they announced their romance before the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games.


But only 26 months later, the two sides went from being a lover blessed by the entire network to an enemy accusing each other on social media.


Compared with the woman, Zhang Peimeng's popularity is obviously higher.


Zhang Peimeng was born in a sports family in Beijing. His father Zhang Cheng was China's best pole vaulter in the 1970s and 1980s. With outstanding performance and handsome appearance, he was once an iconic figure in Beijing's sports industry.

张培萌出生在北京的一个体育家庭。他的父亲张成(Zhang Cheng)是1970年代和1980年代中国最好的撑竿跳高运动员。凭借出色的表现和英俊的外表,他曾经是北京体育界的标志性人物。

Mo Han (the stage name she uses in her work) is a girl from Harbin. After graduating from the biography, she became a popular host for Gansu Satellite TV Panorama Football, and later explained football matches on platforms such as PPTV and LeTV. She once became an LPL host, professional The career development is relatively smooth.


At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Zhang Peimeng went to South Korea to participate in related activities and was a guest at the studio set up by Sina Sports in the front. At that time, Zhang Mohan was the guest host of that event.


After finishing the show, Zhang Peimeng and Zhang Mohan toured Jiangling together.


The location of the popular Korean drama "Ghosts" is on the seaside of this city. The heroes and heroines in the play finally walked together after hundreds of thousands of iterations and performed a happy ending.


At that time, the members of the Sina Sports front report team witnessed their acquaintance and the interaction behind them.



Zhang Mohan served as LPL host


It was New Year’s Eve that day. At that time, the head of the Sina reporting team in front of us gathered everyone together and had a New Year’s Eve dinner together in a foreign country. He also invited Zhang Peimeng, who helped us make a show.


Zhang Peimeng came here in casual clothes and high-top casual shoes. Sitting next to the author, he is no longer the domineering one-hundred-meter trapeze in the eyes of the race track, but like a college graduate who has just entered the workplace with a shy look Excited.


I don't know whether his excitement was because he was able to eat New Year's Eve dinner in a foreign country with his compatriots, or because of Zhang Mohan across the table.


I remember that for the New Year’s Eve dinner in a foreign country, several of my colleagues and I were drinks, while Zhang Peimeng and Zhang Mohan had a few drinks. At this moment of family reunion, they had a unique understanding of drinking and clinking glasses.


The team leader pulled Zhang Peimeng into our work group and gave a big red envelope; Zhang Peimeng, who had just joined the group, also gave a red envelope to cheer. Everyone was very excited to get the red envelope of the Chinese flying man.


Zhang Mohan had been prepared for a long time. She prepared a paper red envelope for everyone present, stuffed with different amounts of Korean won, showing her care and consideration.


Apart from drinking, the two of them had no other special interaction at the table. When everyone played idiom games after a meal, Zhang Peimeng was often punished in the game, and Zhang Mohan often laughed.


Meet again in Jakarta


Later, the author did not have any contact with both of them again, and met them again, which is the summer of the Asian Games in 2018.


When departing from Beijing T3, I got my boarding pass at the Capital Airport and met Zhang Mohan by chance.


She came over to greet me, and I asked her, "Are you going to Jakarta? Are you going to be the host?"


She shook her head, pointed to a figure of a man tens of meters away, and said lightly: "My'husband' is going to do activities, and I will go with him."


I looked intently and it was Zhang Peimeng.


Although I had a hunch, I was shocked when the good news came. I sent a WeChat message to the head of the front reporting team during the Winter Olympics to confirm, and he responded indifferently: "Yes, they are together."


On the plane, Zhang Mohan and Zhang Peimeng were sitting next to each other. They did not act intimacy, but the atmosphere in the circling of eyes gave people a very clear message-they were lovers.


It takes 7 to 8 hours to fly from Beijing to Jakarta. Zhang Mohan gave many people sweets on the plane. When she took one out of the plastic bag and handed it to me with a smile, I was still thinking: "Is this going to send the wedding candy in advance."


At the Asian Games in Jakarta, Zhang Peimeng didn't go to the competition, his role was torchbearer.



Zhang Peimeng was the torchbearer of the Jakarta Asian Games


A few days later, when my colleagues and I went to the hotel where they were staying, Zhang Mohan and Zhang Peimeng's announcement of their relationship was posted on Weibo hot search.


The task of other reporters is to interview Zhang Peimeng in video, and I am in charge of interviewing Zhang Mohan, who people want to know more about, and write a text about her.


That was the time I had the most contact with Zhang Mohan.


I remember that her face was full of fatigue, her face was a little pale, and her voice was a little weak, which was very different from the energetic her in front of the camera.


"My love affair with Zhang Peimeng ranked first in the hot search at a certain point in time."



Zhang Peimeng and Zhang Mohan wedding topic index


She said these words in a complex and ambiguous tone. She couldn't tell whether it was a statement or an exclamation, and she couldn't tell whether it was more joyful or more pressure after becoming a man of the world.


Before falling in love with Zhang Peimeng, she had a certain reputation in sports media, but after all, she was restricted to a narrow circle.


That day, we said that after interviewing them, we were going to interview another guest. Zhang Mohan smiled. She said: "That person once pursued me in a private message on Weibo."


I turned to the manuscript written 2 years ago that had long forgotten the details, and the memory and words in my mind were intertwined, like a movie repeating before my eyes.


Some details in the manuscript seem to have laid the groundwork for today, heralding the eventual collapse of their relationship.


("Now that she has become the focus of public attention, she seems a little unnatural, ‘be low-key, low-key’. She muttered, responding to the author and reminding herself."


"During the period of Zhang Peimeng's interview, Mo Han's heart was ups and downs on her face. She put a finger on the camera lens cover. The other fingers complemented each other to make other shapes. My eyes may stay on a few questions the author listed for her, and more time, I will listen to her boyfriend Zhang Peimeng’s answers to reporters’ questions."


"'Zhang Peimeng, who is the first to chase after you and Mo Han?" As soon as the host's voice fell, Mo Han's eyes drenched. What was waiting for her was Zhang Peimeng's answer-'She chased me first.'"


"For this question, Mo Han has a different answer. She said to the author:'No, he ran for 10 seconds, he must be chasing me! I was on a business trip in Europe during that time, and I was very busy and not in good health. I will hush and ask to warm up.'"


In this interview two years ago, they had differences of opinion on the question of who should chase who first. It seems that no one wants to admit that he is the one who stepped out first. ——Excerpts from the author’s 18 years of interviews)

在两年前的这次采访中,他们在谁应该追逐谁的问题上意见分歧。似乎没有人愿意承认他是最先离开的人。 -摘录自作者18年的采访)

Zhang Peimeng's response to the domestic violence incident wrote: "Ms. Zhang Mohan has a strong personality."


In this interview manuscript, Zhang Mohan also mentioned this point, "I also confessed after I met him. He said he was strong and I was also strong. But in front of him, I felt that I suddenly became soft. This made me a better self and learned a lot."


In fact, I have also seen Zhang Peimeng's strength.


It was the 2016 Diamond League Shanghai Station. I interviewed Zhang Peimeng before the game and asked about retirement in the future.


I remember that at that time, he said that he had a rudimentary plan for retirement in the future. Maybe I touched on the topic of "retirement" that he didn't want to mention in his heart.


When I asked: "Then what exactly will you do after retirement", his attitude changed drastically, "I don't want to tell you that it is okay?"


After the interview, he added: "After you finish writing your manuscript, give Zhou Chao (a senior reporter of Sina Sports, who is very familiar with Zhang Peimeng) a look."


In that interview in Jakarta, Zhang Mohan also mentioned that Zhang Peimeng's wide social reach is also what attracts her.


"In the game, he felt like a ‘knife’ to me, but in life he was as colorful as a ‘sea’, and he could play with anything."


"In addition to competitive sports, he can also play e-sports and drive a motorcycle to the mountains. He has a very rich life. He is not like the athletes I thought before-training, eating, and sleeping time. He is also social. Very good, everyone surrounded him."


After this interview, Zhang Mohan and I had a long time to contact. It was May 10, 2019, and the track and field world relay race will be held in the next few days.


At that time, track and field became the project I was in charge of. I wanted to ask for an interview in advance about the men's 4*100m relay. Zhang Peimeng, as a former member and big brother of this relay team, has a more authoritative view.

当时,田径运动成为我负责的项目。我想提前询问一下有关男子4 * 100m接力赛的信息。作为该接力队的前成员和哥哥,张培萌的观点更为权威。

I asked Zhang Mohan for an interview, and her reply was-"Haha? Is there any labor compensation? Do you take Sina's account?"


To Zhang Mohan's reply, I was shocked and thought it was a bit funny, thinking: "Is it all for interview now?"


I typed my thoughts into words and sent them to Zhang Mohan—"Does this interview cost me money? It's not an event, just an interview."


She first replied with a smiling face and attached a few lines of text——


"Once or twice can be done on a voluntary basis. It cannot be done for free every time... After all, we are eating this bowl of rice. We are starving to death if we always give favor to the guy who eats.


I replied: "Because Jiang Hengnan is Peimeng's disciple. Adding the combination of Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian and Peimeng is a kind of sentiment for sports fans. It is really difficult to apply for fees now, even our own business trip expenses are not Up."


I admitted that I was a little angry, and added: “It’s okay if you don’t interview. I can also do it from other angles. The Asian Games also interviewed you once, and the traffic was very good. My article also received a lot of praise and formed it for you. It’s a good image to help. It was indeed a free interview, so I’m not in your favor! Thanks for your reply.


She seemed to perceive the change in my emotions and replied to me with a longer text, "First of all, it is normal for the interview to have a manuscript fee. If you ask him or any brokerage agent, the interviewee asks It’s also normal.

她似乎感觉到了我的情绪变化,并用较长的文字回答了我:“首先,面试要交稿费是正常的。如果你问他或任何经纪人,被采访人问这也是正常的。 。

"Secondly, you only said that it was a relay race interview. You didn't explain the specific game and the background concept. I gave all the plans I could give. Finally, I also said that it is not free every time, but not every time. It's all charged. You can choose it yourself. If you need an interview, you can collect it. If you don't need it, it doesn't matter. If you need it, I can help tell him. If you don't need it, you can collect it next time. There are so many opportunities. I was originally a friend. Husband works with you. I can support you best."


She added: "Is there any draft fee? It's clear and clear that you can talk about it without reason.


I was impressed by her well-organized thinking, and I was really willing to betray. Her eloquence is worthy of her career as a host.


But I still replied: "Maybe I have insufficient interview experience, maybe I haven't interviewed big names, so I haven't encountered anything that requires a manuscript fee to interview. This is my problem; my previous paragraph is based on you I had a problem with my reading and comprehension and was not diligent enough.”


"In addition, I mistakenly thought that you would know the next relay race, so I took the liberty to not clearly write out the time and place, and the full name of the race. This is also what I didn't do well. There must be sentimental out of reason, like During the time in Gangneung, I wrote you an outline for the interview with the guest, although this is not my job. In the same situation, you must be treated differently by different reporters."


In my career as a journalist, it is actually very common to work for others for free. For example, during the 2018 Winter Olympics, Zhang Mohan needed an outline to interview Pan Xiaoting.


Because billiards is also my line, I also caught a knife for her during my busy work in the Gangneung Figure Skating/Short Track Gymnasium and forwarded it to her through my colleagues.


So in this interview and contact, I was suddenly mentioned about monetary rewards, which caught me by surprise when I was naive to the market society.


In the process of our "short-handedness", Zhang Mohan posted a circle of friends.


[Come to teach me/Come to brainstorm] In our business, of course I hope to be friends with everyone. But I have many friends, and occasionally say: "Do me a favor and host it for free", "Help turn to Weibo", "Record a small video", "A few words about the opening ceremony".


Gradually these help accounts for an increasing proportion of our own work. What we sell in this society is this invisible labor. Is there really no cost for these "free"?


It is these jobs that support our family, all of which are free, so we can only starve to death. These are all free, so how do Party A’s father who gave us the commission work balance in mind, and how do we offer prices in the market in the future?


Is there no physical labor force that can only be exchanged for friendship? Can friendship ensure our bread? In your opinion, the free help that increases the exposure with a small effort is a courtesy... But in our lives, in addition to exposure, we also need firewood, rice, oil and salt...


She attached a picture to this text. One half of a yellow croaker that had been blown up was eaten, revealing its bones, with a dull expression that made people feel pity. After I saw it, I was once again impressed by her talent, and I actually felt sorry for her.


I sent her a screenshot of the circle of friends and wrote: "A very good passage, which also made me understand you better."


She sent another voice over, and the content read: "You may have misunderstood what I mean, all interviews, all activities, anyway, through me to find Peimeng, or his agent, we have to ask for specific content and time. , Then the occasion, location, background, and finally the labor details must be asked."


"If it is free, then we will (press) talk for free; if it is for labor compensation, it is better to say that this is a process. Maybe you have fewer brokers, anyway, I and Peimeng After the talks are over, I usually get along as a husband and wife, and then at work, it is public to public, and my brothers pay the bills. This is normal. Especially when I help him check some work, I have to be more careful."


She wrote again in words: "It's not easy to do this. Peimeng needs help here, please speak up at any time."


In the end, the interview was not completed.


This contact made me feel that she is no longer the colleague who ate with me at the same table in Pyeongchang, but the celebrity who said a few words about whether to pay.


Reply at 2:30 in the morning


A few months after this incident, we met at Beijing Sport University, had a face-to-face meeting, and even omitted the polite words. She and Zhang Peimeng's wedding did not invite me (actually I was not qualified to attend).


The only interaction after that was that this year I posted my article "Twin Skating "The Hidden Corner" Is So Sad" to Moments of Friends. She gave me a thumbs up.


Judging from the timeline posted on her Weibo, the time when she liked me was a few days before she received the divorce agreement (July 1) from Zhang Peimeng.


When I saw her Weibo, my professional instincts prompted me to send her a WeChat "regardless of the previous suspicion": "You have been domestically abused? I feel sympathetic to you after reading it. If you have any needs, remember to tell me."


She replied to me: "I'm sorry before...It wasn't my intention to pay for the interview...I didn't count it in the previous home."


Her reply was humble and sincere. I didn't mention the last time. She has already explained.


Time passes, will everyone’s mood be different? I thought in my heart: "Is she really at home at that time ‘I’m not counted’?"


After that, I asked for an interview and looked forward to her response.


Today at 2:30 in the morning, Zhang Mohan sent me a message: "My cell phone keeps ringing, and now there are dozens of missed calls and 281 WeChat messages that haven’t been answered. Quiet first, I’m a little weak. A few days later. talk later."



Zhang Mohan's reply


My contact with Zhang Mohan and Zhang Peimeng is really limited. I have no way of understanding or judging their experience after marriage.


Zhang Mohan's image in my mind is clear. She has a strong personality, strong work ability, and career shrewd.


It is difficult for me to associate the pitiful, crying face of her in the domestic violence videos exposed on the Internet with the confident her in public and in front of the camera.


Everyone has their own rights, and Zhang Mohan also has the right to pursue the happiness he cares about.


I also hope that they can better resolve their disputes and get out of this shadow.


In the days to come, go well and be happy!


(Dong Zhengxiang)

(dong Z横向)

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